• right_here_waiting 10w


    L, the name I call you the first time we know each other,
    A single letter that signifies a whole lot,
    A single letter that reminds me of my love,
    A single letter which pictures me of someone special,

    And yes that's you, my L
    You're my strength when I'm feeling weak
    You're my weakness when I'm being stubborn
    You're my lifeline when darkness surrounds me

    I know I sound OA, corny, cheesy etc.
    But yeah, that's how you are to me
    And I think you know it somehow, at some point
    And at somehow, in the middle of this letter, I feel lost and out of words

    Anyway, where was I?
    Ah yes, I'm in your heart. Lol charot
    As much I wanted it to be a poem like
    But when I think about you my L,
    Idk, I just feel like I want it to be a personal letter

    I love how crazy you are being a comic nerd
    I find it funny when you imitate deadpool, it's amazing
    I love it when you're excited talking about the things you like (books, comics and DEADPOOL)
    I love it most when you're vocal with what you feel, good and bad.

    I just want you to know that no matter what it is with us
    You are my truth and my greatest love
    Everyday and every moment pass by
    The more I'm into you and love you more each day

    I know, we still have a lot of struggles and secrets not shared
    We still have challenges to face
    But I want you to know that I am here,
    I am here to hold your hand and that we're both in this together. I love you ^69 my L

    P.S I got carried away and have to end it there. Lol when it comes to you, I talk a lot. Like really a lot and spontaneously ❤