• tosha_indian_human 5w


    You are one of a kind,
    Easily trusting people, easily getting played,
    You walk in difficulties with your arms wide open,
    You embrace the problem with the most innocent smile,
    You overthink every little oddity,
    You risk every possibility with your hesistance,
    You take the stand knowing everything for you is ruined,
    You wake up to the cold night, eerie silence,
    You lose sleep for nights together not because you have to but just because you want to,
    You strive achieve the best but always settle with the rest,
    You think different, act weird, live quietly,
    You boil up and explode only to be sorry afterwards,
    You have no patience or confidence,
    But still you persists only to be broken into thousand pieces every single day,
    You count your blessings but they outweigh your mistakes,
    You run here and there only to fall and then start over again,
    You live on your terms and are happy with it,
    Known for so long, I am happy with you, having you by my side as my reflection, today i appreciate that i am proud to be you!!