• priyanjana1723 6w

    Life is not a puzzle its a maze,
    Whether to face it depends on your craze.
    Those colors will make it colorful,
    But you will be the one to make it beautiful.
    The shape and size of this maze doesn't matter,
    Its you who decide whether to accept it or scatter.
    There is always a capability that you can't doubt,
    But colors can always be the way to express it out.

    Life is not a puzzle its a maze ,
    Where eveyone has their dreams to chase.
    The obstacles which will come your way,
    Its fine to face it i would always say.
    Never doubt upon your capability,
    Because you never know your destiny.
    This maze of life will always remind me,
    To look down inside myself to find the real me which I can't see.

    I solemly appriciate the beautiful work of Lyla Nowras.
    #cees_blue_challenge @carolyns_challenges

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