• sheikha_97 9w

    A warm welcome to the season of utmost beauty and faithfulness.
    Here comes winter,
    With scary screams of coldness,
    Knocking at the door,
    Of the upcoming life,
    The life out of summer.
    Here comes winter,
    Too eagerly waiting,
    To knock out the spirit of summer,
    And establish itself,
    Within our cold,
    Shivering hearts.
    Here comes winter,
    Cold and chilling,
    Filled with moments,
    Of utmost beauty,
    Of utmost care,
    Of utmost faithfulness.
    Here comes winter,
    Scaring away the flowery glory,
    Scaring away the spirits of life.
    Here comes winter,
    Knocking at the door of,
    Laziness and beauty,
    The beauty of coldness,
    The beauty of faithfulness.

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    Here comes winter,
    With scary screams of coldness.