• untold_teen_feelings 10w


    I am an earthworm
    small and sweet;
    used to live with my parents
    in the soil, near a street.
    They loved me the most
    as they could do anything for me;
    even if it meant to climb
    a thick, old, long tree.
    We were very happy
    to live a life like this;
    but never knew life could change itself
    and everything would turn into a debris.
    My parents were killed by creatures
    ruthless and yet were called humans;
    only I was left in this world
    which was full of dangers.
    I don't understand
    what fun do the humans get?
    by killing animals, inferior to them
    they don't even feel regret.
    I am all alone in this world
    where nobody cares;
    here, noone takes notice of you
    even if you are in tears.
    I don't know
    if more pain is awaiting for me;
    because I have taken birth in this hell
    and now I want to be free.