• missqueenc 24w

    My fantasy is a strong will that is assuming the obvious that I can't live without the wonderland of my borderline personality. It's the breathtaking view in the morning and the autumn wind that smacks me in my face. It's the strong desire that is way to alluring for such a quick response that I can't seem to fine away to explain my words in my heart. My mouth is tightly shut with the hope that doesn't affect my ability to see the light of day, your face is my only escape in the morning when I wake to see the shining sun. I can't seem to stop myself from thinking of your name or the fragile meaning of true love and a desire of hope and want. I assume the worse at times because of my deepest thoughts travel to a wonderland of broken dreams and hopes. I am always found with my heart beating in my hands as I lay against the tree with lost tears falling down. My deepest thoughts never apologize for the traveling amount of speed that I can't seem to control. My worries mix in with my greatest fears as they team together to make a world full of anxiety that will bring alone it's friends to torture my heart and to trap my soul. I feel the need to only want you, and you only, my greatest fear is losing you to another.