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    ----- A VIRGO MAN ♍ -----

    He is a Virgo man!
    An August boy or sometimes even Sept.
    Thriving in his autumn with cold windswept
    Everything he loves is simple, silent and soft
    The nature, the sea and the tranquility of loft
    An over-thinker dwelling in the world of his own
    Like a parallel universe, he creates to live alone
    His dreams are big with thoughts deep and wild
    Pretends sober outside still has the heart of a child

    Yes, he is a Virgo man!
    The most modest and meticulous full of passion
    Having inbuilt traits of fascination and attraction
    A spiritual dimension is his human connection
    He wins all the hearts with oh! what a perfection.

    Yes, he is a Virgo man!
    Usually an introvert but always speak with eyes
    Millions of expressions he plays in a fraction of time.
    He is creative, sensitive, feels everything so deep
    A slightest of memory can make his heartbeat leap.
    Ruled by Mercury, known for compassion and care
    Your every little flaw, he will point then and there.

    Yes, he is a Virgo man!
    The one who is organized from shoes to shirt
    His witty mind will not leave a single chance to flirt.
    An addictive soul who's love is always hard to win
    But he can do anything just to see your grin
    His love has power and he will always be a giver
    He'll bring out the best in you removing all your fears.

    If you know a Virgo around, go and hug him tight.
    As he will always be there for you for life!!

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    Poem: 30
    May 30, 2020

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    A Virgo Man♍

    Caring, serene, compassionate and kind
    Romantic, flirtatious with sarcastic mind
    In their love they will make you confined
    Virgo men are truely of a special kind!!