• ola___ 5w

    What more does Time want from me?

    He stole my heart, ripped it right out of the hands of my first love
    He stole the child in me, now he wants my hair
    You’re so grown now they said; but all I am is a patsy with no choice
    A greedy dictator, a malicious thief
    He finds a way of ripping the very joy outta my soul
    Like bullets in a river my strength remains useless against him
    What more does he want?
    How much more will he steal?
    My dreams have become his loot
    I guess he stares at me all night with a grin, knowing he will always win
    An illusionist with the mind of a sorcerer
    I’m just another item on his list
    Just another pawn soon to be done away with