• 4lwayswannafly 5w

    S.P 02

    Was it déjà vu or a never ending loop. I have to wake up and find.
    #mirakee #pod #dejavu #loop #nightmare

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    Today as I was walking down the alley the lane seemed familiar, there was a sense of knowing in the air this evening. The blood red sky ushered coziness with a sense of assurance that made my feet move on their own. It felt like I knew where I was going. I reached the end of the alley and there was a worn out garage. It felt like I had been here before, it felt like this had happened before. The uneasy familiarity sent a shiver down my spine as I started to anticipate the foreseeable events. And so I looked at the sky and saw the sun disappear with its hues, I heard a rumble behind me. I turned around and a man hits me with a club...I find myself losing consciousness in the pool of my own blood..And then I wake up...it was a dream...I leave for work. On my way i find myself walking down the alley, the lane seemed familiar....