• letterbox 9w

    Before we leap into celebration let us take a moment how these children in India struggle to live .
    They have been abandoned in most of the situations. At the time of being in school they struggle to get out of home. No matter of boundaries and laws they are our kids.
    Children are left homeless and forced to be criminals.Drug usage has became prominent and a fashion in states.
    They are abused and tortured.somehow home doesn't make them feel home anymore.
    They die due to imprpoper treatments and safety measures.
    We often forget children who are differently abled and with AutismSD who are being avoided badly,by keeping them within a cabin sized school, limited curriculam and freedom.why do this society still hide their childhood.?
    Let them design their world.
    All we can do is safeguard them with our own risk. Take this moment to spread awareness.
    Let us make a safer world for them.A home for thousands of smiling faces.
    Let us STOP tagging them as girl or boy,let them be the child.Our Children!!
    Let every eyes glitter, not alone the one at our home.
    It is high time to protect them stop waiting for any law that would come up with rarest of the rarest case . start within you