• jamareeraymoore_poetry 6w

    Untitled, Part 8

    "Coming from the pain and grime, I have the will in my heart to Win,
    Energized as ever as my veins are pumping with Adrenaline,
    Doubters said that I wouldn't be worth shit, but look at me Now,
    Having them listen to my demands as they are at my feet and they Bow,
    A huge smile is on my face because I am so Glad,
    Even though he wasn't there for me, I owe a lot to my Dad,
    He showed me the blueprint on how to mess up your life but I didn't go through with the Plan,
    Every letter I get from him, he applauds me on how I've became a great and respectable Man,
    Saying to myself .."Jamaree Ray Moore, who would've thought you would've made it all the way Here?",
    "It got foggy at times but somehow and someway you've found a way to make it Clear",
    Proud of my progress but I've got a long way to as the work is never Done,
    So here I go as I'm back on the road and on to the next One ..."