• sharmila_37 6w


    Was walking through dark
    With weak heart
    On the cracked path
    Losing all faith in sun
    Its rays and the days of happiness
    But , then again you came as light
    On my way
    It was pleasurable
    For a reason , i was alone
    You joined me
    My walks
    On my journies
    I didn't want to believe
    Cause i thought i knew the end
    But still believed you
    For the great words you have spoken to me
    And i believed them
    You made me believe
    The light will never out
    Dark will never arise
    It will never get cold again
    Told me that we will made it to destiny
    But as usual i believed in you as to earlier
    And , sooner it turned evening
    That was characterised by Linnet's song
    That we were broken apart
    And it didn't take time for the dawn to come
    It came down sooner
    Making me alone again
    Making my way all crack again
    Making my once 'warmed wind' ' cold 'again
    Making me feel lost again
    Making me feel Regret again