• anthonyr 11w

    Mass Hole

    I guess I really did miss out on something crucial. The building block foundation of a healthy functioning human being.

    Any parents. Please just raise your kids, emotionally and psychologically and care for them. In a perfect world, I guess that would be granted but instead, there'll be children that grow up to be adults, that hide all which ate away at their heart and soul from the inside or much worst. In a battle that was never witnessed, perceived to be make believe because it's their own fight they had to take within themselves. Whether lost or won.

    Everything that never was, yet was most important, still silently in queue waiting while buried alive and mourning, yet somehow still having never truly died. Stuck in unreal, undead cycles, perhaps instead living it's life out of thoughts in dreams, that missed way off course in reality.

    I guess becoming a life's mission to rebuild our own heart to salvage, to become self-reliant, not lost on what was needed but never truly delivered. Which turned into a ravenous black hole, consuming everything in it's path and leaving tatters in it's wake.