• be_fizul 30w

    The little thing called joy.

    Say cheese, photographer exclaimed! The family gets ready to smile and capture the moment right in front.
    9 warriors (cousins), one already down and one more to go now. This is the turn of the most notorious one, hell a happy, and hyperactive duck, giggling and hurling all over.
    Fine it's your wedding day, don't get mad the little warrior teases. Little sisters got no chill.
    Dance and sing and crack jokes who nobody understands and the humour inside it is so lame that nobody wants to understand though.
    The weather is hazy, the faces are laughing,all the happy kids dancing their brother be soon a martyr.

    Laugh now, today from tomorrow you have to act according to your wife the most experienced player pulled the legs. ( Bhabhi be the best when it comes to pullings legs.)

    This is the real happiness the one thought in the mind of all nine. We all together under single roof. Laughing, dancing, singing, making fun of each other. What else is happiness? What else anybody will demand for.

    Music turns to the loudest volume, everyone gets ready to shake legs, lights sparkles like eyes full of happiness, delight or the little thing called joy.