• manasvi_says 9w

    Have come to a decision that, I'll never ever in my life date, be in a relationship or marry a fair skinned guy.
    Reason: the same as to why people prefer dating a fair skinned girl.
    After a little research, I've found that, it is only 'Indians' who are obsessed with fair skin.
    No mother of a son wants a dusky girl for her son because they don't want dusky or dark skinned grandchildren!

    I can never really understand as to why are Indians so obsessed with fair skin and I don't even care.
    I take a look at my skin, and I fall in love with it each time and that is all that matters to me. I love being dusky. It is just so sensual for me.

    Maybe, I've a different perception towards being in love with dusky and not fair skin but to be honest, dusky is sensual, and anyone dusky, makes me fall in love with them.