• thegreatpotato_ 11w

    It doesn't matter if you hesitate to turn back for them, as long as you actually do go back for them it's fine. Besides, it's normal for us to hesitate.

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    Today I had a nightmare.
    I was with my friends.
    Something was chasing us.
    I was scared, I thought of nothing but myself and the will to survive.
    I forgot all about my friends.
    As humans, survival is hardwired into our system.
    And because I was scared, I instantly clicked into survival mode.
    A mode where we think about only our own survival.
    As this thought came through to my mind, I stopped running, and I turned around.
    I took the hand of my best friend and then we ran together.
    It takes every ounce of energy to fight our own will to survive.
    But I know, if I was the one that was left behind, she would've come back for me.