• shekharmallick4480 10w

    To my pgli

    We met at crossroads.
    I don't know what just happened to me. I started blushing.we spend time together, we laughed,we talked.I just want to confess u that u r very important for me from the first day. I want to give u my surname . So I can call u my "babu" .
    I want to hold u tight, kiss u gently, hold Ur hands n also wants to make u feel special.
    And in this dawn don't b afraid to smile.. now i m with you..so trust me ..I ll stay with uh..bcoz I started loving u.. I want Ur heart so I can kiss u gently.I literally don't have anyone else except u and u r so precious to me.your smile makes my day in 1 second.at last i dont want to loose u.I m sooo happy to have you in my life stay same pgliiiiiiiii, babu,baby, sweetheart,my life.
    I love u

    _Ur Love