• stardustxo 5w

    Crying Heart

    We all think a heart is just a heart
    But what we refuse to belive is
    That the heart is a verry important piece of your body!.

    Not only dose is pump blood around your body but it's keep us alive long enough to enjoy all life's greatest gifts such as natur, family, and friends,

    We may sometime live dangerously while most live on the safe side.

    But the few things we all got to realise is that every time the heart forms a little crack it's a symbol of hurt it's the heart crying. And each time the heart cries we split the centre a little bit each time. And as the tear grows further and further down we will at some point Reach the bottom and we will eventually break it in 2 therefore leaving us in a state of emotionally drained. I for one was a sufferer of that and if I could protect a single soul from ever going through it then I will it does not feel good at all.

    So whatever you do in life whether it's bad situations good situations. Keep the heart warm and happy

    If it's a bad relationship do what's best for you free yourself and free your heart. Keep the heart happy.

    Weather is a disagreement an argument or just a plane out dark day don't let the heart CAVE, CRACK, SPLIT or TEAR keep it happy bottom line is just dont let the HEART CRY