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    I am not aware about how many of you might know about it,but just a few days ago two young boys named 'Nilotpal das'and 'Abhijit Nath'hailing from Guwahati,Assam were mob attacked and lynched to death in serene 'Karbi Anglong' by some inhumans when they went there to explore nature.

    It's not because of the place and it's not that all the people are like that definitely not.It is because of superstitious beliefs and extreme cruel mindset of some.

    These boys who loved nature and music, were superstitiously thought to be child traffickers just because of long hair, and their appearance and were beaten to death.

    Dear,Nilotpal and Abhijit da I know rest in peace would remain as words unless we provide you both the same. Adieu!
    This is the least I could do for both of you ��
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    They bade us goodbye forever;
    Breaking their hearts as well as ours!
    How difficult it might be to face that torment?
    The one they had never dreamt of facing,
    West suffered heartbreaking, everyone of us;
    But those who mobile attacked those innocent souls:
    How could they be so brutal,so much!
    Those inhumans who lynched them to death;
    in that serene land.
    Mistaking them to be what they weren't,
    Can the system do something for these souls who loved peace?
    Can the system not set them free like most of the past incidents?
    Can't the system not award them with capital punishments:
    For staining the land with blood of these souls?
    And also for blemishing our land in a way!