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    Take control.

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    Lets talk about love, shall we? What is love? Just another feeling, right? A feeling that we feel we cant control or get over once we are trapped or we willingly keep ourselves trapped in it even if its making it harder to breathe. How do we fall in love? We normally respond to that like "i dont know man it just happened". Well if we think about it, it just doesnt happen just like that, or does it? It takes time, we fall for people who care about us or atleast in the start are caring for us, showing us how beautiful we are and this and that, thats when we start falling and falling so far so deep without knowing if the other person would catch us or not. I mean come on everyone can talk sweet stuff when they first interact with someone. We become so much addicted to this care and the flattering reality they tell us about us that we start becoming dependent on them for our happiness, we start feeling and then believeing that we wont ever be happy without them or life will become hard if we would have to live without them. No it wont, it wont become hard, it might become more beautiful if we just let it, if we just take care of ourselves, if we just accept the fact that how beautiful and unique we are without waiting or expecting someone to tell us that. If we realize our worth only then we would be able to move on. And yea one more thing.. while we're falling so deep, somewhere along the way we become blind, deff and dumb. We see what they're doing but we close our eyes, we hear the lies but we put fingers in our ears, our braim keeps treating us with facts but? We ignore it and listen to our fragile heart instead. We keep on building a castle of lies they feed us with, we sit on a throne full of thorns they gifted us with because we are so damn in love with them that we accept all the hurt and pain they cause us. What for? Why? Dont you know you deserve so much love, before anyone elses love, you deserve your own love? Dont you know? This aint love, this is torturing yourself. Honey you were'nt born for living a torture half of your life, you were born for so much more, why are you wasting yourself over the ones who left you just like the roses you might've wasted over them? Your precious time, your precious tears, your million dollar smile, embrace every part and inch of yourself. You might think i dont know shit and here i am telling you about stuff that you might not want to understand but i want you to go through it until you understand this. I want you to smile, realize who you are and what you deserve, i want you to move on, i want you to love yourself, i want you to set yourself FREE!
    Love is a beautiful feeling undoubtedly but when it starts to kill you? Just know it aint the right love for you. Respect yourself enough to set yourself free from the torture this poisonous love brings along with it. There is love out there, true and pure love and that is the love you were and are made for.