• kottak 15w

    Difference of opinions

    I need someone to explain it to me because I just can't comprehend how defunding the police keeps anyone safe ? Who will sign up to take a bullet for you and me with no equipment , less training, and a salary that doesnt feed a family ? When some else crashes into your car, who will take the report ? When a drunk drives kills your child who will make the arrest? When a man breaks into your home and steals your children who will go look for them? When your home is burglarized or your robbed a gun point who will come ? When a office building is shot up or another night club who will come? When a girl walks home alone and some brutalize her, who will make sure he doesnt do it again ? Our system is flawed no doubt . Some cops are bad and systemic racism occurs everyday. People are profiled. Lives our lost. Lives are changed forever. Mistakes are made that can never be apologized for. But Who is paying for those body cams with deceased police budgets? A world without cops is chaos and always looking over our shoulder. Fear is what we all run these days. Fear of the cops. Cops afraid to pull.the trigger or make a choice because of society. Fear of dying because of color and fear of the world burning . There are bad people in every profession. We have a sin issue. An evil issue. Not a cop issue. Police brutality is an evil. Things our society needs to function: public schools, hospitals, prisons, military, factors, grocery stores etc. We dont stop sending our kids to school when teachers abuse children. We do not stop going to hospital when doctors take lives on purpose or because of neglect..we don't let murders and rapist out when corrections officer use excessive force we don not stop calling the police when we need them because of crime when war crimes occur we still fund the military because of things like 9/11. When mass shooting take place at grocery stores or people run their cars through them we still go. So please tell me how less police is a good thing ? Educate them. Train them. Make the process harder to wear that badge. Community policing fund that. Outreach programs for children and the police fund it. But dont forget when officers take off that uniform they are human and bleed like we do. Mothers. Brother. Aunts. Uncles. Wives. Husband. Moms. Dads. Children of God. Educate us all. Teach us how to love again. But riding a whole system because of one or 100 out of 100000 seems a bit rash dont you think ? Difference of opinions I guess or maybe its privilege and I can't see it. Maybe my understanding of the movements is wrong or I jump to conclusions when I hear the word. Educate me. Or maybe its something different that we are all missing. I just don't get it.