• parishmita__ 5w



    Beast uncaged
    Roaming in the city
    A perfect moonless night
    And a heart with no pity.

    Halted in a dirty lane
    Whose walls did not dare to whisper
    Not a squeak of a mouse
    And no witnessing owls.

    The beast dragged his prey
    Inside the four closed walls
    Virgin blood,innocent soul
    To perform his measly work.

    His eyes full of malice
    Revealed the multitude of devils residing within
    His prey cried for mercy
    But the beast already to pounce and slay.

    Horror so horrific
    Even demons hid under their graves
    Her scream so violent
    Made the night silent.

    Hands of the beast so ravenging
    It scared her sacred soul
    As he forced him into her
    And digged his claws into her flesh
    She only wished for death.

    When his unquenchable thirst
    Was satisfied almost
    Her used body was not for his use anymore
    But her breaths were injurious for him
    So he striked and striked with a blood dripping knife.

    Her clothes torn and helpless
    Thrown at the corner
    Her naked lifeless body
    Lay at the centre.

    The beast retreats back to his jungle
    But promises to return
    Surely,next day,same time
    To destroy another young soul.


    Someone who rapes does not deserve to be called a human hence the term beast is appropriate.