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    When it comes to spend your whole life with someone choose wisely... @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    The path I chose

    You know, when did you lose me?

    The day when your touch felt like you are marking your territories
    When you intensely gazed at me and said, "you are my property".
    When your overprotectiveness started eating me from inside and I lost my liberty
    I was slowly becoming a slave to your loyalty
    You celebrated me as your victory
    for you I was nothing but a occupancy

    Yes, you did make me feel like the most beautiful girl
    but that feeling always came with lots of tussle

    I couldn't understand you loved me or just wanted me
    The fire in your eyes, I used to love had started to threaten me

    You were so unintelligible
    You showed me like a trophy, in front of your friends
    Then why did you let me down in private

    The day you praposed me with ring in your hand saying, ' I want to spend my rest of life with you'
    My mind started playing flashback of all those traumatic memories and anxiety I have gone through

    I took a step back and gathered courage to reject you
    Which was indeed out of the blue for you

    But I never feel regretted about my decision
    I'm a bird which deserve to fly not to be caged