• godspeaks 24w

    Dedicate yourself personally to the things you can change, areas where you can make a difference.
    Anything outside this, is a waste of time.
    If you have the ears of the president, you might be able to shape the policy that affects the entire nation.
    If you have the ears of a general, you might be able to avert a war.
    If you have the ears of a writer, you might end up in his best piece.
    So whose ears have you got?!
    What influence do you have?!
    What change can you effect by using that influence?!
    Oftentimes the only ears we got is our own.
    The only thing we can really change is exactly that- ourselves.
    What an opportunity to do some good.
    What a chance to make a real contribution.
    Begin with yourself and let it spread out.....
    The land can be better if we all chose to be.