• picturesquepoems 6w

    Wave Length

    Tonight I watched the sea beg at my feet
    Prying me to feel as it does every day of the week
    The sky danced in explosive colours
    As the clouds fell back surrendering itself as a canvas

    My worries drip from my lips and onto attentive ears
    Listeners need listening sometimes
    But the common mind lacks common sense
    Just like Communication require Comprehension
    Like the Ocean, my soul begs

    In a world isolated
    Humans were made to connect
    I hope you find your wave
    And dance with those who already feels what you about to say next

    Amity becomes a balancing act
    Currency 'Give-And-Take'
    I love who I become when you show up
    Before my soul shatters
    Leaving ashes
    Spelling out
    "I need you now, I need a friend"

    - TokenOfTimePoetry