• alisdaire_ocaoimph 10w


    I want to travel
    These highways
    That start way back
    Where the little girl
    Dressed her first dream
    Looked in marvel
    Where the poetry
    Of existence
    Filled her stare.
    I want to journey
    The rain drops
    That fell from your eyes
    Snuggle up beside
    The little girl
    Questioning why
    Sit beside you in class
    Hear your silliness
    That still creeps through
    This coat of skin
    I want to see in your eyes
    The excitement of each
    Birthday that floods
    Your soul to another year
    Or watch as you play
    With the kitten
    Hearing you giggle
    I want to see each moment
    The torment of waiting
    Brings upon your eyes
    Your song, watching your mood
    The movie that broke you to tears
    I want to hold you where
    Fears encircle you
    Doubt arises and sighs
    It's all what you are
    What created this perfection
    That here in a mirror
    Is a women
    Can I abide but for a day
    Living in you

    Alisdaire O'Caoimph