• _kiran_ 9w

    ~it was a crusade of survival, and i survived ��

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    it was a crusade of impulse.
    in this battlefield called Life,
    in between the war-cry
    of love, identity and rage
    these demons came flooding across
    from the creek of opaque emotions.

    it was a crusade of certainty.
    i stood there almost like a ghost
    in the midst of all this mayhem,
    an unsettling truth within, as a eulogy,
    was still waiting to be discerned,
    vanquished by their bloody swords.

    it was a crusade of existence.
    and yet the demons cannot,
    cannot ever conquer the acres of me
    for i'm not just a single body of flesh.
    i am a fragmented being, like ashes,
    like stardust, like a million galaxies.