• myhair_gandhi 6w


    Of beauty made
    Blue eyes , brown hair
    Extremely fair

    As you grew
    You added to this perception
    An hour glass well built body too
    Society's pet Isn't that you !?
    Yes yes yes

    If all that was true
    You gotta tell me too
    Don't you love your mother , father , brother ,sister as they are
    For whatever they are
    Or do you lay expectations on them too !?
    For That is love
    Which knows no bound
    That gives comfort
    With that person around
    Who takes care
    For all you needs
    Admires you
    For all your deeds
    Accepts you
    For who you are
    Sees beauty in your flaws ,your scars
    That's what makes a beautiful person
    You are beautiful , a star
    For what i heard is true
    Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder
    All of us have got it in us , just like you do .