• tiny_hunter 5w

    A drop of golden sun
    And a melting chunk of ice,
    With a butterfly fluttering above my bun
    I blissfully close my eyes.

    A cup of steaming coffee
    With a sweater wrapped around,
    Holding a vibrant red toffee
    I'm just lyin' on the ground.

    December has arrived
    With a warm heart to embrace,
    Pretending to be naive
    I'm dancing around with grace.

    Remember those days,
    On which we collected stones,
    Yards on which we used to lay
    And up, the sun happily shone.

    Now that we have stepped out of childhood
    And moved on and beyond,
    Everyone all around are way so shrewd
    I remember, you called me Sheon.

    All those memories, now clings to my head
    And refuses to leave,
    my tears are constantly shed
    everyday as I keep on to grieve.

    Hell breaks over and I keep missing you
    And wonder, if you too do the same.
    Do you have the flower that I gave you
    while playing the hide-n-seek game?

    Do you have my diary?
    As I can't find it now,
    I'm certainly sure that it has turned weary,
    Can you show me how?