• santzu_peppy 10w

    "Taste of the melon"

    Sunflowers of warm yellow colour
    Sunny day with the blue sky above
    You & me lying on the ground
    Of soft green bushes and dandelions around.
    You got up suddenly leaving my hand
    With smile on your face as bright as the sunlight
    I closed my eyes as everything was alright.

    A soft peck in my forehead
    And I could feel it was you.
    Melon peices in your hand
    And you looked like a child
    Who just got a magic wand.

    I took the piece into your mouth
    And closing your eyes with a peaceful sigh
    You layed your head on my lap.
    And caressing your soft hair with my hands
    I layed my lips upon yours.
    Sweet and cool, the taste of the melon
    I'd always choose that day in a billion.