• callmeyou 6w

    He lives
    Not more than
    Forty Eight steps away
    From where I've stayed
    My years;
    A place I'm starting
    To call Home.
    Living in that small town
    A distance of forty eight steps
    And we first met
    Three years back.
    What better way to put it
    Maybe we weren't meant to.
    But I, like a fool, couldn't see it
    For those three years
    When seeing myself with him
    In the end.

    Putting the pieces together
    I couldn't see me
    With him anymore.
    Leaving home everyday
    Walking towards
    And we walked past each other.

    I used to wake up
    To his thoughts
    Spend my day
    Finding ways to see him
    And my nights?
    Wishing on the stars
    That the day, would bring me
    To him.
    What joy I would find
    When our paths crossed
    When we were only drifting apart.

    Six and a half month away
    I'm over him
    Questioning, how I ever was
    Into him?
    But I still fear
    Seeing things unclear
    All over again
    When I stumble upon you
    When our universe finally decides
    To change directions
    When we start to walk
    And stop at the same point.