• mockingbird7 6w

    //THE LOST ONE//

    When you are broken
    Every aspect of life appear scattered

    Every morning you pick up the pieces
    And again till dawn, disintegrated

    All your efforts seem like trash
    &Thoughts begin to crash
    Echoes and screams spinning around your head
    Like you are the centre of the galaxy

    You looked up to the sky
    Begged and pleaded for the rain, for survival
    Dear God you are my only revival
    Please help me, help me
    I'll be your admirer, a servant, a follower
    All I got is, this life please accept me and save my life

    Maybe your faith wasn't so strong
    &that you made dirty compromises
    With the world, to live and to find
    The missing pieces of sanity and peace

    &you lose yourself
    In the world inside your head
    Killed the one which belonged to the light
    &You fight, you fight
    In the wars waged behind your face
    You try, you try
    Yes I have testified it in your cries
    Yes I have witnessed it in your voice
    &I saw you counting stars in lonely nights

    You wanted to die
    Still, you survive
    Not because of you loved this life
    But because of someone
    Someone who gave you this life

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    The Lost One

    Surviving is not enough

    At the end of the day
    Again, you will be the same
    Caught up in problems you been running from

    Surviving only is not enough
    Until you are not trying every day
    To overcome the lies of past and future
    Until you are not trying
    To forgive and love yourself