• nkuma753 9w


    I tired looking at the sky differently today.
    It turned from crimson, to orange to white to blue, to violet to peach to grey to black.
    Doesn't all the shades look amazing on the sky?

    Then I tried looking at the water differently,
    It reflected all the colours of my thoughts
    It showed me greens and blues,
    It varied from muddy brown to crystal clear.
    I wondered, why don't it judge the colours of my thoughts?

    Then I turned around to see the jungle,
    I saw red of the ants, and green of the parrots, black of an eagle and white of the swans.
    The howling yellow stripes and the churning black and whites.
    And oh the peacock carrying the colours of heaven.

    Sky loved all its colours.
    Water never judged.
    Animals never distinguished.
    Yet there are fools who say we cannot exist in shades.
    Of white, and brown, and yellow and grey, of purple and pink and black.

    Yet there are fools who say I cannot be black and white.