• chinelorom 10w

    Silly men

    I'm standing by the window, ready to leave when an ugly Igbo man calls my attention.
    I look at him, expecting a word or two but nothing.
    I think I know why he's calling, and I am not up for it.

    So in my mind I'm like "who you?" He calls my attention again, and just so I don't prevent mother from making an extra 300 or so this early morning, I ask, "what do you need?"
    He gives me the look a regular entitled "Igbo man" gives a girl, a young girl.
    I give him back the look and again I'm like "who born you?'

    Mother asks me what it is, and I nod toward this poor, dirty, overgrown, baby boy.
    Mother wants to know what he wants, but I don't care, and so I say so.
    Mother turns to him to ask, and he insists I answer him.
    What a goat! How "gutty" he is.

    Mother says I am running errands for her, so she will answer him.
    Then I can hear his friend, our neighbor, whispering unusually so calmly, "I told you, I warned you."

    And in my mind I am like, imbecile, fool, idiot, stupid, rubbish, fowl, pig, nonsense, mtchewwwwwwwwwwwwww.

    And this is me walking pass them like, "silly men."