• veenaj 5w

    I'm not good at taking it slow
    But I hope you know
    Waiting is something I can do well
    And I'll wait for you.... Love

    So many years since the day
    I heard you say
    "It's not time for us just yet"
    And never did I once forget
    That you were out there as well
    As I still waited for you... Love

    Time goes on and so it did
    Just like you said
    "It's not now or never"
    But I said I'd wait forever
    In all the time between heaven and hell
    I'll wait for you... Love

    It's not easy for me to stand...
    As someone takes your hand
    But as long as you are treated well
    I'll wait for you... Love

    May not perhaps meet again
    You are still alive with pain
    All those moments of togetherness
    Still with hopes I wait for you... Love