• honestsoul_ 10w

    Burnt from out life ends and burnt from in life starts

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    Speech (on my college send off day )

    There is no use of ur home if its base is constructed by ashes produced after burning someone's dream
    Sometimes ignorance is best response to ur opponent. Yeah their blames might be pointless but listen every time mango tree gets hit by stones not the cactus plant. So just fake a smile and move on. And do what you deserve. And ignore what others say to u.

    My success won't give me what I really want .My achievements won't prove what I am really seeking for.

    But still I would like to say u that
    Those who fail are more likely to be succeedThis doesn't mean that for being successful u need to be failed

    Have u really seen a candle burning? It's flame is always directed up coz it burns itself to get something.
    In the same way for getting ahead of something burn from inside coz if u burn from out life ends.