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    I was recently given a poetry prompt from a friend of mine. The prompt is called "Personify your Poetry"
    "Give your poetry human form. If your poetry was a human what would they be like? Describe He/She/Them. What are they afraid of? What do they want?
    Where do they sneak of to in the middle of the night? What do they enjoy? What do they do? Tell us all about them."

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    She Is Poetry

    She was a shy and quiet person
    Always writing poems
    She kept her poems hidden in a journal
    Too afraid to share them with others
    She wasn't afraid of criticism
    Her main fear was writing lame poems
    She wanted to be good enough to be published
    She finally shared her poems
    It took a few years for her shyness to fade
    She enjoyed writing and reading poems
    She wanted to connect with her readers
    To help inspire others to write creative poems
    Each poem has a meaning or message
    No poem is the same for each poet is unique
    We all have different experiences in life
    Some can relate while others can't
    This is how poerty connects with other people
    She wants to write poems that can relate to someone
    She wants to brighten someone's dark cloudy day away
    Her poems help to express her emotions and thoughts
    She allows her creativity to run wild and free
    Poetry has helped her overcome challenges in life
    They helped her breakout of her hermit shell
    Poetry is her life and she is poetry.