• poetic_devin 23w

    Was It Worth It?

    Before you were no good, you used to be so good, until you changed and flipped on me
    So tell me what's the reason all this time you've been preaching, acting like you know everything
    Look into my eyes, and tell me what you see
    Was what you got worth losing me?Now all your lies has caught up with your game
    It's a different picture, but in the same old frame
    Tell me was it worth it, now that it's said and done?
    Oh, did you find what you were looking for?
    Tell me was it worth it, oh girl that's all I want
    Is just tell me the truth and nothing more
    Don't be confused and think that I wanna be back in your arms
    Because I closed that door
    Tell me was it worth it, for you to make that change and play that game with me?