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    Dear Bapu,

    I called you 'dear' because I finally know about the real you and not what has always been taught in school. What inspired me most after reading about you is that you were a normal teenager in your time just like each of us today, who was a little careless, who too made mistakes and learnt from them. Who knew the Gandhiji who was the greatest leader of all the times, was once a voilent man too, who used to beat his own wife, who ate non vegetarian food inspite of belonging to a pure vegetarian family, whose friend took him to brothel but he resisted and ran back home, who became a 'brahman' partly for losing sexual attraction with his wife. Who knew Gandhiji too had regrets. Who knew his biggest regret was 'not being with father at this last moment because he was busy with his wife.' You know, the way you learnt about various religions, had various debates on that topic, had become a lawyer after struggling a lot, had learnt from your own mistakes, all these things touched my heart. What touched me most that you were just like us. You taught me its okay to make mistakes, whats important is to learn from them. 'My experiments with truth,' the title justified your life. I salute you for you had the courage to write about all these things, to write about your whole life and how truthfully you described every moment is beautiful. The crazy, the learner, the leader Bapu will remain in my heart forever. Keep inspiring millions, bapu. We love you!

    Happy birthday!

    -Aditi Aggarwal

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