• dreamstar_sriju 51w

    In Those Very Moments

    Since you're asking me today, let me tell you.
    Yes, I've lived in those very moments.

    Yes, your dreams have quietly ebbed my nightmares away - the dreams you gave me, those were the dreams I lived and live with.

    Yes, your heartbeats were the tunes I'd found my rhythms to...my heartbeats beat in sync with yours.

    Yes, your words, your thoughts wrapped me in breathless euphoria.

    Did you ever know?
    Well, now you do.

    I do not know if you'd love me yet, I do not know if my thoughts still haunt you...still if I visit you in your memories... Or if you have let me go...for once and for all....

    You see, I've lived in those moments...
    And now I'll live in the memories....