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    We celebrate Dasahara by burning the statue of RAVAN . Ravan kidnapped Sita against her will and lastly he and his ill-natured companions were killed by Ram and his companions. This is what I know the reason behind this celebration.

    I am here with a question that now a days female have been abused by society, social believes and savages. What about them? Yes, I do believe my precious constitution but don't believe in people who are selling themselves for some money.

    Feeling shame to say that we burn the statue of Ravan because we can't punish today' ravanas. If we can burn Ravan every year for his deed why can't we hang the savages and rapists . In this sense I have written the title Desh Hara .

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    Dasahara or Desh hara

    Aao sab mujhe jalane bade tayyari se ,

    Abhi toh Ram/Krishna bhi nahi

    Kaun bachaye tumhe us chaltey bimari se.