• callinghappiness 23w

    You & I

    Since inception, it was about you and us. I rarely had anything for myself, every passing day is just another day not planned to me.

    Then at the same time, the regular days became special and it had to 'coz it was about you. I suddenly become consciously active in order to do something that will make you happy. Today is just another day Special.

    I couldn't realize when I fell more for you, it was truly gradual and testing. I remember those hard days when we gave up on each other among words then a gap of mere 10 days and back to normal. Why am I saying all these.. ? (sigh).

    Today is yours, I want you to feel each bit of it. I want you to shine in happiness, I want you to cry in happiness, I want you to jump in happiness, I want you to giggle in happiness. I wish could freeze this moment and surprise on every birthday like this.

    It's a long-awaited day for this to happen. All my love for you, all my world about you.

    Let the butterflies be a lil more colorful, birds be chirpy, wind be breezy, day be rainy and you be happy.

    Yes, I am holding hands tight and standing by you. Don't fear, let's step forward together ❣️

    - calling happiness