• romantic_peculiar_absurd 35w


    This memorable day, like it happened yesterday,
    Is stuck, always stuck in my head, damn!
    Why can I not just forget everything
    And live a life full of ordinary occasions?
    Why did I let my parents give them a chance
    To go to different places but in both ways
    I didn't have any opportunity to meet
    One of favourite musicians of modern metal?

    Yes it was my fault.
    It was me who realized in March
    It was “the beginning of the end”.
    It was me who wanted to see and hear
    The band for one last time which would never happen again in this life.
    It was me who bought two tickets for myself and my Dad as he would like to find out what kind of music his daughter is interested in.
    It was me who persuaded Mum to go with them as I didn't want her to sit home alone.
    It was me who was taking lots of photos with our lovely capital's sights but not going somewhere else with my soulmates.
    It was me who was standing almost in the middle of the crowd and there had been too many people taller than me so that I could hardly see what was going on the club's stage.
    It was me who was told to rush for the train going back home and because of that I hadn't heard three last songs of the show.

    And I often ask myself,
    Why should I sacrifice my efforts, my time and everything else
    Just in order to make someone feel good and pleased and satisfied?