• lazlostrange03 30w

    Lightning strikes.

    My armor of hope, fire and ice

    Crumble by the impact.

    It peels off my skin, I am exposed.

    Around me gathers the night and all the monsters with it,

    Surrounding mares of loneliness and doubt.

    Cracking my heart of wonder and hope.

    The night used to be the start of something new. But everything changes yet still it takes me a while to fall under your spell

    How I lived and thrived among your grace of warmth and care.

    It still calls out to me, the night.

    Of wonder of lust.

    Of feeling exposed and yet content.

    It has since dwindled in to a pit of lonesome doubt.

    I still hear the atmospherical sweet yet bitter taste of that long ago

    Memory where you cradled me in your arms of awe.

    Even some things have changed, I still find you again and still

    Feel the warmth of your cold embrace.

    The mares come striking, you guide me out of misery

    By sounds of awe and by giving the warmth of a thousand lit lights.

    It illuminates my skin as loneliness and doubt and of course their king Depression marches forward striking to kill.

    In the time of the mares try to take me to their forever lonesome sanctuary of doubt and self harm,

    You remind me that the city of a thousand lights awaits my arrival,

    You remind me the sounds of wonder that can move spirits so high they stay afloat even just for a while.

    You remind me that this won’t go on forever.

    You hold my hand until the mares fly away only to come back another day.

    After all this time you give me the comfort of being alive and I will forever cherish the way you slowly drift me off to the land of dreams.

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