• her_biro 33w

    Those nights without you

    I was walking
    As you weren't there
    To hold my hand
    To grab it tightly
    with each passing second.
    You weren't there
    Not with me, atleast.
    So, I kept on strolling
    Down the lane
    Looking at the night sky
    Not admiring this time
    As I admired through your eyes
    Stars didn't Twinkle,
    They were just like those bulbs,
    Bulbs that worked.
    The moon hid itself
    Behind those grey clouds
    As your breathe, it wasn't there
    To blow them away.
    The Zephyr didn't whisper
    The breeze didn't tickle
    As you weren't there
    to be jealous of them,
    they were just cold
    Freezing my heart,
    Just a bit more.
    The Lilly didn't blossom
    It's cologne was clothed
    as you weren't there
    to unhook it's scent.
    the song of crickets?
    they seem noises now
    may be they lost their melody
    Along with you.
    The fireflies that rested restlessly
    Upon your little finger
    Glowing green and Making me red.
    But they aren't here too.
    There's nothing serene
    Just a picturesque scene
    No more a story to live
    Just a fable to believe.
    But, I'll be back
    with a hope to relive
    with a hope to breathe in
    the fragrance of
    Our lost togetherness.