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    Fade to Black chapter 10


     Calvin and I had been driving for a while now doing nothing but talking and listening to music. 

      "That was quite a speech back there at the party huh," said Calvin with a silly tone in his voice. 

      Anything for you. After all I owe you that for watching for a whole year. In that time I had the chance to practice. 

     "That's nice to know. Well are we going to keep driving all night or go somewhere."

      I was thinking about bowling. It's only 10 o'clock. The nearest bowling alley close at twelve. After that we could get some ice cream." Calvin looked at me straining his eyes. "That's the best idea you have had ever," he said. "Well I hope you know how to bowl," I said. Fithteen minutes later we had arrive at the bowling alley. The building was huge with a red and blue huge balls by the entrance. We had made it to the counter to pay for the the bowling shoes. Behind the counter where you pay for hours there stood a tall and huge man with a white beard. "Two hours" I said as we got to the counter. "Hey I got a idea. Whoever loses have to buy pizza ice cream" he said as we got handled the bowling shoes.

     "Hope you got some money in that eallety of yours" I replied. I would worry about me when I'm going to to eat the pizza and ice cream you bought." After setting the scoreboard up and putting on the bowling shoes I was first up. "Pay attention. You might learn something from the greatest and I mean greatest bowling player." "Yeah sure. Now I really need to watch you fail" he said with a humorous tone. I picked the the twenty-five pound bowling ball and back up a little bit. When I threw the ball it went straight down the middle and knock down all the pins. The board lit up. STRIKE it said. Calvin slowly got up from where he was sitting and did the slow to interfere with me when I was doing my victory dance. "Wow. Good job for a beginner" said Calvin with seriousness in his voice. Calvin grab a bowling ball out the pinsetter. He lifted it up to his face.


     He rolled the ball faster than the speed of light and hit all the pins. STRIKE. That's what it said on the board. An hour passed by and so far Calvin and I had been tied with strikes. It all came down to this last roll. Calvin had bite nine pins and miss one twice. Here it was. I had gotten up from my seat and walked towards the pinsetter. After this I will be sitting down eating pizza an ice cream and I will brag all night how I beat Calvin. I back up ready to roll the ball and claim my bragging rights. I made the biggest mistake going close just one inch because I slip on the slippery part of Alley and fell and landed on my shoulder. 

      I was fine but my arm just hurted. It wasn't broken or anything it's just hurted for a bit. Calvin ran up towards me. "Are you okay. You seem to hurt yourself pretty badly." I looked up at him. "I guess I got to pay for the food," I said while laughing. "Not quite. You technically still have one more roll." "I'm done. You won. Let's eat. I'm hungry." He picked me up and sat me down at the nearest table. "After seeing you get hurt I feel bad by being serious about the bowling game. I'll buy the food and ice cream as an apology." Minutes later Calvin return with sinls box of pizza and a gallon of ice cream with two waffle cones. "Eat up," Calvin said wilhe placing the box on the table. Before he could sit down a already the pointy end of the pizza in my mouth.

      After we destroy the box of pizza and ate our ice cream we had decided to hit the road back to the campus. When we had gotten there everyone was no where to be found. Usually kids still be out at this time. "You coming" I said as I walk away from Calvin's car. Calvin looked around as to see if I was talking to someone else because when I ask him if he was coming I didn't turned around. "Sure. I'm wright behind you," he said as he walked fast to catch up. Wright after I opened the door Calvin spun me around and planted his lips on mine rapidly. Passionate, sweet, and rough all at once. He had pushed me on my bed. Thank god. I couldn't have Marcus fussing at me. Calvin took of his Jacket then his shoes then his shirt. Before he could come any closer my phone vibrate then he stopped dry.

      I gotten a text from Marcus and Kaitlyn at the same time. They both met someone. I threw the phone down on the bed than got up from the bed and move closer to Calvin. I place my hands on his face and planted my lips on his bottom lip. Then we exhale and inhale as we kiss. I threw him on the bed. I took of my shirt and jump in the bed with kissing him rapidly. Calvin looked at me deep in the eyes. "Ready to have fun," I said as I kissed him on his bottom lip