• sangfroid_soul 6w

    The plexus of his complicatedely artless thoughts
    Inducing sangfroid among the chaotic raucous
    It was his inner demons he daily fought
    The costume of his pneuma attired with sequins of hope was falling apart, dull and glaucous

    Stunning and complete and clinquant, once his soul
    But she came and turned his heart to stone with her departure
    Through invisible hole
    She entered his amethyst world as a rainbow after heavy rain
    Assuaging all his worries and pain
    The rufescent denoting her words
    The chrome her sighs
    The cerulean the calm before the revelation of her personality
    The mauve her breathtaking beauty
    Her voice so dulcet
    Her milieu so calm
    Her mirthful idiosyncratic smile
    The halo he used to see on her soul
    Vanished the day he sensed she was no longer with him though being beside her.

    He began to write with his resonating words oozing the ballad of her betrayal
    The monochromatic ichor they bled were from the heart
    The mammocking of his heart into chiliad small fragments of his soul
    He captured them into his verses

    Until one day...........

    This is part one of something I'm writing
    #random #senseless #5minutewriteup

    @nehahemaraj inspired from you
    @love_whisperrer @words_by_serene

    Pic credit: Pinterest

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