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    As stubborn as a small naive child she always got her way. Well actually tried to have her way.

    She is driven and persistent everyday, ready to take what world has for her in its box. She would not agitate. She would not flaunt. Her eyes are fierce, her structure sharp, her voice determined, her ambition strong. She is one whose light illuminates strong, unwavering, not flickering once, never a blur even for a second. She is scintillating.

    Or she is slim and beautiful, applying stunning and perfect makeup and strutting in her five inch heels with sureness each day. Her eyes embellished with dark eyelashes, her structure perfect, her voice sultry, her skin clear from bruises, her lips curved to a perfect heart shape, her fingernails beautified. She is one with confidence, with many portraiture of herself. She is bewitching.

    Or she is successful and devoted towards her career. She is independent, an achiever. She plods in her pencil skirt with blazer and stilettoes on. Her head pointed high, her curves perfect, her voice confident, her eyes focused. She is one complete with reality and never let herself be on cloud nine.

    Or she is not a daydream, nor she is grease. She didn't hide her figure under those baggy clothes. She didn't walk clumsily. She looked straight for what she wanted. She worked for what she desired. She didnot fiddled with her looks. She is full of herself. She is dauntless.

    She is not a perfectionist, but a capture, a fantasy. Don't be tricked by her. She is heroic, bodacious, courageous, sassy, sanguine, nervy, cocky, spunky. She is one who would capture your eyes at the very first sight but it will take audacious you to win her heart.
    -Vaishnavi ����

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    She is not a perfectionist, but a capture, a fantasy.