• saraleeg 10w

    Do it for you

    I wish I could do it for you...
    I wish I could save you from you.
    I wish I could pick you up and heal you too.

    I wish I could renew you and restore you until your wings grew strong enough to carry you all the way through.

    I wish I could believe for you, strengthen you, and empower you to thrive like you were created to.

    If I could, I would... motivate you, guide you, and align you with Ultimate Truth.

    If I could, I would... dream for you, fight for you, and give you hope too.

    If I could, I would... help you lead your mind to reprogram your brain until your soul lit up your darkest nights brighter than the fullest moon.

    If I could, I would... awaken you to your ultimate identity so that you could recognize who you really are, what’s already been done for you, and what is being done through you.

    I wish I could do it for you, but I can’t - because the gift that follows you choosing to fight for You, and awaken to You, is yours alone and I wouldn’t take it from you.

    I wish I could do it for you, but you deserve to experience realizing that, no matter what you do or fail to, nobody can take away the aftermath of you choosing You.

    The opportunity to transmute energy was reserved for you; you can experience coming alive after having wished to die. You can be restored and be made new.

    I wish I could take the gloom. Trust me, I do. But you belong to You and only you can choose what you do for You. Only you can choose to love You and harness the power that was innately weaved in You.

    All I can do is pray and hope you choose You, and endlessly continue to, regardless of what that means for you.