• leirskald 10w


    I have the words
    But whole sentences not
    Full of nothingness
    I'm starting to rot
    In endless limbo I'm caught

    Pages in my notebook are too white and too clean
    Almost transparent
    They demand the orgy of pain and sorrow
    Disappearing into tomorrow
    "Bleed, our Queen!
    Put your head underneath the guillotine!"

    Remember being rejected
    With misery infected
    But pretending that you're fine
    And not affected

    Remember when you were so jealous, possessive and overzealous
    Remember those restless feelings
    When you've spent in fetus position your evenings

    Remember when you craved human touch
    But no one was there
    It was too much to bare

    Remember feeling so worthless
    You couldn't summon the sleep
    You couldn't weep
    Every goal you had was on the hill that's too steep

    Remember how you disconnected
    Pushed everyone away
    The game you've played was hectic
    It was something you've perfected

    Remember the red light on crosswalk
    For you, it was a sign to go
    Russian roulette
    So slow, you were so low

    I've escaped the limbo
    But now I'm in hell
    My skin is burning
    I want to scream, I want to yell

    The paper is not blank anymore
    It's shredded and red
    I see no future, no happiness ahead
    It wants me dead
    Sharp guillotine cut off my head